Mar 302017

My wife bought me a raspberry pi zero w and the day time camera module as a wedding anniversary present!

Mar 262017

Time lapse video captured on 03/25/2017 – 03/26/2017 (8:00PM – 6:00AM)

Appearances by:

Skittles – stray cat
Boxcar Willie – the dirty old opossum
Sesame – Bunny Rabbit
Sushi – Raccoon

Mar 232017

My latest project is an outdoor/trail cam I made using a raspberry pi and the camera module.

I’ve made a few updates since I took these pics, mainly I added a reusable dry pack and ditched the janky old desiccant pack that I found in an old shoe box. I plan to add a battery pack and solar charging later this summer.

Hardware list:
Raspberry Pi 3B
SanDisk Ultra 32GB
RPi CSI NoIR Camera Module v2
Cheap Chinese LED IR light
A plastic box from Hobby Lobby
Reusable Dry-Pack

Software list:
Raspbian Lite
Automated with a python-picamera script I’m constantly breaking

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Mar 212017

This is a quick set of notes on how I am using ffmpeg to create a time lapse movie from a series of still images.

After I have run my time lapse capture: one image every three seconds for 10 hours (12,000 images) …

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